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Somehow another year is wrapping up, and we couldn’t let this season pass without celebrating the big wins of 2022. While there were some truly disheartening stats around plastic recycling (it’s worse than we thought), more people and businesses are interested in sustainability than ever before. As a brand, we grew and learned so much this year. And we're looking forward to an even brighter 2023. 

Before we get any further, let’s look back at this year's accomplishments.

We got fit.

If you’re setting health and wellness goals for the new year, we have some suggestions for partners who can help you out. Nationwide, fitness studios are realizing that a healthy body needs a healthy planet. We are thrilled to support the sustainability goals of studios like SoulCycle and CorePower Yoga who are empowering their guests to take positive action in the world. 

We caught waves. 

Our friends at the World Surf League are intimately aware of the negative impacts of plastic pollution on our oceans. We were proud to support events throughout the U.S. this summer and fall. To help us get to know that community, we spent time with new friends within the surf and skate world to hear heir perspectives on the connection between the water and our lives.

We kept planting and cleaning. 

More than a product, we’re passionate about giving back to our planet - land and sea. Through our ongoing work with the National Forest Foundation, and through the support of our fans, we’ve planted 1.4 million trees across the country. This year also marked a new record in beach cleaning efforts with the Ocean Blue Project. Our work together has enabled them to remove 50,000 pounds of plastic from our beaches and waterways. 

We shared the facts. 

Be honest, the first time you saw our carton emblazoned with “Boxed Water Is Better,” did you ask yourself “WHY?” You’re not alone! Luckily, we have the receipts. The research organization Anthesis conducted a lifecycle assessment showing that Boxed Water cartons have a lower total environmental impact compared to plastic bottles and aluminum canned water. While this information is nothing new to us, we found a new way to break down the stats of how we compare

We hope you’ll join our journey

Of course, there were plenty of other highs and lows last year. But we’re eternally grateful to our community for pushing us forward. The feedback from our fans has driven many of the major moments throughout our history (like our plant-based cap or new fruit flavors). We hope you join us for the exciting moments ahead! We’ve got big plans to reduce our carbon footprint, expand our product offering, and have a little fun with the entertainment industry. Follow us on TikTok or Instagram, or you can sign up for email messages to hear the latest news. 

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