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From the beginning, we’ve been committed to offering a better alternative to single-use plastic

We never stop at good enough — we’re always looking for new technologies and production processes that can make our product better.

So we’re beyond excited to announce our new plant-based bottle cap!

With this improvement, every Boxed Water container is now 92% plant-based (the highest in the industry!) and 92% renewable. And as always, our products are 100% reusable and recyclable.


92% Renewable

While the new cap doesn’t look any different, it’s making a big difference for the planet. Here’s what you need to know:

What’s the new cap made of?

Our new FSC- and ISCC-certified cap is made of pine tree waste, which is responsibly harvested from Nordic forests.

The caps are manufactured using existing infrastructure here in the U.S., which keeps our carbon footprint low — Boxed Water manufacturing uses 43% less fossil fuel than plastic bottle production, for a 64% lower carbon footprint.

Why not sugarcane bioplastic?

While many other eco-friendly water brands use sugarcane bioplastic for caps, it’s not the best option for two key reasons.

First, to grow sugarcane, forests need to be cleared. This deforestation typically occurs in rainforests in South America, resulting in carbon soil loss. In fact, studies show an estimated 45.8% carbon loss in Amazon rainforest soil due to agricultural production in Brazil.

The forests in Scandinavia where we get our tree pulp, on the other hand, are continuously replanted and renewed and offer an important source of carbon storage. There is no land conversion required.

Second, sugarcane bioplastics require additional fermentation and dehydration facilities, generating massive emissions related to processing and transportation. 

The tree pulp used to make our new cap is processed with existing infrastructure that’s already used to produce paper. This pine tree waste would otherwise be discarded, but now gets diverted to be used for Boxed Water caps instead. It’s a win-win.

A better cap for a better planet

At Boxed Water, we’re attacking the plastic problem from more than one angle. When people ask us how to be sustainable with water, we always suggest reusing, refilling, and recycling. But we also know that there’s a need for more sustainable single-use options.

Our new plant-based cap is just another way that we’re following through on our commitment to the environment and our belief that water sustainability matters.

Ready to take a step toward sustainability? Order now.

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