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It's here! Boxed Water Flavors.

It's here! Boxed Water Flavored Water.

  • It's still 92% renewable

    You’ll remember our flavored water by its crisp, award-winning taste. With no minerals added, it’s 100% pure and comes in a plant-based carton that’s a better option for our planet.

  • Better Natural Fruit Flavor

    Pick a flavor based on your mood. Choose Lemon or Grapefruit to brighten your morning. Grab Cucumber when you’re treating yourself to a spa day. Blackberry is great when you’re looking for a better alternative to sugary drinks.

  • Better Natural Fruit Flavor

    When you choose Boxed Water Flavored Water, you’re lowering your carbon footprint by 64% and protecting our planet from the overuse of single-use plastic bottles and aluminum cans.

Anything but ordinary

Why now?
Why flavors?

Love Boxed Water? Try it with a twist! With flavors like blackberry, cucumber, grapefruit, and lemon, staying hydrated is anything but boring. And with our safely sealed, 92% plant-based packaging, you'll have a delicious, convenient, and sustainable alternative to bottled water.

Meet the Flavors Meet the Flavors

Boxed Water Flavors Cucumber


Boxed Water with Cucumber is the rejuvenating combo we never knew we needed — here to help us mentally and physically relax and renew whenever we need to unplug.

Boxed Water Flavors Blackberry


Blackberry brings out the bold in everyone. This fun, refreshing flavor gives any dull day a boost. Boxed Water Blackberry has a not-too-sweet taste that will propel you forward.

Boxed Water Flavors Grapefruit


Rise and grind with Grapefruit. You’ve got big goals for your health and your lifestyle. Renew your motivation and add flavor to your morning routine with Grapefruit Boxed Water.

Boxed Water Flavors Lemon


Refreshed looks good on you! Liven up your morning with Boxed Water Lemon — a classic taste here to renew your motivation and refresh your day.

Which one do you
want to try? Tell us.Tell us.

When it comes to water, everyone's taste preferences are different. We tested, remixed, and tested again, until we found the sweet spot for each flavor. It's tough to say which one we like best - they're all great! Which flavor will you try first?