Girl in red yoga clothes holding Boxed Water

When CorePower Yoga, the nation's largest yoga studio brand, told us they wanted to replace single-use plastic water bottles with a better alternative, we were happy to deliver. Our 92% plant-based carton is the most renewable packaged water option available, making it a perfect fit for fitness studios. Together, we decided to make an impact.

Starting this month, CorePower will transition from plastic bottle brands to Boxed Water™ cartons in more than 200 studios nationwide, while still encouraging members to bring their own refillable bottles. The move is anticipated to remove 96,000 single-use plastic bottles from landfills annually, or the equivalent of two tons of plastic. 

Man handing out Boxed Water and towel in fitness studio

"CorePower Yoga was formed on the principle of transformation, which is not limited to the body and mind, but in understanding our symbiotic roles and responsibilities to the planet," said Niki Leondakis, Chief Executive Officer, CorePower Yoga. "As a company, we've always strived for sustainability by designing and operating our studios with greener and cleaner practices to reduce our environmental impact. Our partnership with Boxed Water builds on the sustainability programs we have in place and enables us to offer our students a more renewable packaged water option."

CorePower's Sustainability Goals

CorePower's studios are designed and operated with sustainability in mind, and this year the company has established a strategy for the CorePower studio of the future, which is set to begin rolling out in 2023. This initiative will further reduce the environmental impact of the company's studio design and construction process as well as incorporate more sustainable flooring, energy-efficient lighting and energy-efficient control systems.

"Conscious companies like CorePower Yoga are generating the inertia we need to get the ball rolling on plastic waste reduction," said Boxed Water™ Chief Revenue Officer Robert Koenen. "Not only is CorePower Yoga mitigating their own plastic waste with this effort, but they are educating thousands of students on how to reduce waste with their own business choices."

Man in fitness studio holding Boxed Water

When it comes to sustainability, our choices in our everyday lives have a significant impact. It's important to choose businesses operating with responsible practices. By partnering with CorePower Yoga, we hope to spread awareness of sustainable living practices and inspire environmentally conscious consumers and businesses everywhere.

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