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Unite For The Planet: A 21-Day Fitness Challenge to Plant More Trees

Oct 23, 2020
Kelsey Pence
Contributing Author
Kelsey Pence
Contributing Author

At Boxed Water, we talk a lot about how we can take better care of the planet. But taking care of the planet starts with taking care of ourselves. Our partners at Unite Fitness have an online program that helps people improve their health while also considering the planet.

Unite Fitness is an in-person and online training program that focuses on high intensity interval training (HIIT) designed to help you get fit, strong and lean, reducing the risk of injury. 

“Our mission is to unite people through fitness and sustainable lifestyles,” Founder Gavin McKay said. “We have always been a brand that leads with its values and says what we believe in, and we encourage it in our staff as well.”

Unite Fitness offers live online, on-demand, and in-person classes that can be customized. In-person classes take place in the Philadelphia-area

In a single week, fitness studios and other businesses can contribute an excessive amount of plastic waste by offering plastic water bottles. Unite Fitness has opted to ditch single-use plastic bottles and aluminum cans and offer Boxed Water to its members. 

“There is nothing sustainable about plastic, nor a workout that leads to injuries, so sustainability is core to everything we do,” McKay said. “We see our community as a place to push forward ideas that can protect our bodies and planet.” 

He also said that it’s up to local businesses to “push the system in the direction we need it to go,” and help decrease the negative long-term effects our actions are expected to have on the planet.

Unite For The Planet

Unite Fitness is going beyond just offering a sustainable alternative to plastic bottles. In partnership with Boxed Water, the organization is asking its members to participate in making a greater impact for the planet through reforestation. Unite Fitness & Boxed Water have teamed up to host Unite For The Planet: a FREE 21-day fitness challenge

Participating is easy!  The goal is to complete the number of workouts that you pledged to so that Boxed Water will plant more trees. Use our code to get complimentary access to a growing library of on-demand HIIT classes. We’ll plant two trees in your honor each time you workout and post on social media! This challenge is only free when you use code “BETTERPLANET” so make sure to follow the instructions below. 

  1. 1. Post Your Pledge
    Head to our Instagram Highlights and save the Pledge Card to your camera roll. Decide how many times you want to commit to working out over the next three weeks. Repost the Pledge Card to your story or feed, tag @BoxedWater and @UniteFitness and make sure to use the hashtag #UniteForThePlanet.

  2. 2. Start Working Out
    Head on over to to register online. Select “Unite For The Planet” under the “Subscriptions” section and make sure to use the code “BETTERPLANET” when you checkout, to receive complimentary access.

  3. 3. You Post, We Plant
    After each workout, post a sweaty selfie or the view from wherever you’re working out on social media. Tag @BoxedWater and @UniteFitness and don’t forget to use the hashtag #UniteForThePlanet. We’ll plant two trees for every photo you post with the correct tags and hashtag!

Complete The Challenge

You can enter the challenge at any time. Anyone who successfully completes the number of HIIT workouts they pledged to at the beginning of the challenge will be given two free guest passes to Unite Live & On-Demand as well as a discounted Boxed Water subscription! Your entries will be tracked using the hashtag #UniteForThePlanet. One Grand Prize winner will also be selected to win

- A $200 Addison Bay Gift Card
- Three months of FREE access to Unite Fitness
- A FREE 3-month subscription to Boxed Water
- An On Running outfit and one pair of shoes 

So why is this challenge perfect for you?

Well, you get to plant trees, help our planet and best of all learn from one of the best in the industry! 

“When you only have so much time, high intensity interval training (HIIT) is the most efficient way to improve cardio fitness with resistance training the most effective to improve strength,” he said. “Recovery is a critical component so hitting the full body several times per week is not as impactful as targeting your workouts to certain muscle groups to allow greater breakdown and recovery periods. Unite puts all that science together for you into our structured Cardio-Strength-Recovery workouts and weekly schedule of target muscle groups."

So take the Unite For The Planet Challenge and commit to a more sustainable and #BetterPlanet.

Are you ready for the Challenge? Sign up here

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