Brand Overview

Welcome to Boxed Water's™ brand resource page. Boxed Water™ is a brand people trust. In order remove confusion and maintain brand consistency, please use this guide when referring to our brand vs competitors, or the sustainably packaged carton category as a whole.We thank you for adhering to our guidelines and maintaining the integrity of the Boxed Water™ brand.

Logo Use

Primary logo

Stacked logo

Logo over subtle, natural background

Not an approved logo variation.

Do not show the logo in color.

Do not place the logo over a busy backround.

In written form

Boxed Water Is Better® and Boxed Water™ are both
Acceptable when identifying our brand among competitors.


  • Capitalize the “B” and the “W” in the brand name, i.e., “Boxed Water”.
  • Use the Boxed Water brand name only as a proper adjective (not as a noun or verb), i.e.,“Boxed Water sustainably packaged water or Boxed Water brand”.
  • Use the ™ symbol after brand name, i.e., Boxed Water™ in first usage
  • Refer to the category as the carton category, or sustainably packaged category.


  • Use the Boxed Water brand name as a noun or verb.
  • Use the Boxed Water brand name in the possessive or plural form, i.e.,“I bought Boxed Waters”.
  • Use BWIB as an abbreviation.

Use it as a verb. As much as possible, or at least in the first instance:

  • Put the whole name in capital letters, i.e., BOXED WATER.
  • Put the whole name in italics, i.e., Boxed Water.
  • Use the ® when using the trademark, BOXED WATER IS BETTER.
  • Capitalize the letters B, W, I, B in each word of BOXED WATER IS BETTER.

Examples of Correct Use:

  • “I drink Boxed Water™ brand water because it is sustainably packaged.”
  • “Pass me a Boxed Water™ carton.”
  • “I buy Boxed Water™ sustainably packaged water.”
  • “Boxed Water™ cartons are a good alternative to single-use plastic bottles.”

Examples of Incorrect Use:

  • “Pass me a Boxed Water”.
  • “Boxed Water tastes delicious”.
  • "Do you carry boxed water?”
  • "The boxed water category is outselling plastic bottles".
  • "I drink Flow boxed water".

Brand Taglines

Better for our plant™

Sustainability Matters™

Reach for Better™

Approved Imagery

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The packaged
water category

Boxed Water™ and Boxed Water is Better® refers to a brand that offers packaged water in a carton.There are other brands that offer sustainably packaged water, but Boxed Water has distinct characteristics that the other brands do not. To avoid confusion, please use the terms "carton water" or "sustainably packaged water". The packaged water category is evolving with a focus on sustainability and we were the first company to offer sustainably packaged water.


Boxed Water Is Better® was founded in the belief that sustainability matters with the purpose of changing the way packaged water is shipped, sold and enjoyed. Boxed Water™ is 92 percent plant-based with their packaging and new plant-based cap. All Boxed Water™ branded cartons source paper from trees in well-managed forests—where new trees are continuously planted to replace the ones harvested— and are shipped flat to reduce the number of trucks required for transportation. BoxedWater™ also fills water close to the source and the consumer to reduce its carbon footprint, and all cartons are 100% recyclable, refillable, and BPA free. Boxed Water™ is a proud member of 1% For The Planet and partner of the National Forest Foundation and Ocean Blue Project. The simple act of choosing Boxed Water™ is a statement that sustainability matters. Boxed Water Is Better® is headquartered in Holland, Michigan with filteration locations in Michigan and Utah. Boxed Water™ is available for purchase from their site——as well as on Amazon and select national and local retailers. Socialize with us @BoxedWater.

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