Boxed Water with CarbonNeutral® Certified Product logo on a background of trees and water

A smaller footprint.

A smaller footprint.

92% plant-based carton, and now a certified CarbonNeutral® product by Climate Imapct Partners.

CarbonNeutral® Product Certification


In our efforts to always be BETTER, our 500mL cartons are now CarbonNeutral® product certified. What does this mean? We're supporting critical climate programs to offset the carbon footprint of our top-selling product.

CarbonNeutral® certified product logo
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130 LBs

130 LBs

In one year, you can reduce your carbon footprint by 130 pounds, as compared to plastic bottle users. Bonus: You'll get 10% off each order.

A better solution

Help take a step towards saving our planet. 100% purified water (no added minerals), 100% recyclable and refillable with some common sense care. Our plant-based cartons are a better for the planet than plastic bottles and aluminum cans.

Boxed Water carton surrounded by icons of key features including renewable, recyclable, and refillable

Renewable Energy

We are providing critical financial support to renewable energy programs globally as we offset our own carbon footprint.

wind turbines in green hills