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To say the coronavirus has changed the way we do business would be one of the stronger understatements in recent memory.

COVID-19 has forced businesses across the globe to rethink the way they operate on a daily basis to ensure a safer customer experience. Even though COVID restrictions are being lifted, there are some new practices that will certainly continue, and oddly enough, COVID also heightened our concern about our excessive use of plastic across the board.

The travel and hospitality industry has transformed some of its key amenities to address this. Many airlines, restaurants and hotels have changed their approach to the “perks” consumers might have previously taken for granted, like free refills.

As businesses continue to adapt to the times, many are reconsidering how they can support the environment in the process. Consumers still need to have some of the conveniences while on the road but are giving up others.

In Flight Services

Airlines are addressing this new normal in many ways.  Overtly, routine sanitizing efforts are now routine, as well as high-grade air filtration systems purifying the air hourly. 

But have you noticed that there is a new look to some of their beverage offerings? Alaska Airlines has ditched single-use plastic, offering Boxed Water™ branded water as well as canned soda/beer. They are looking to offer safe, sealed cartons that are refillable, and also encourage guests to take the carton and refill it for the next flight. As a result, there will be about two million fewer pounds of plastic used in-flight annually.

RIP Breakfast Buffets? 

We thought the buffet was dead, but it’s been resurrected anew.  If you’re a fan of breakfast, you might be someone who checks for a fully-stocked breakfast buffet before making hotel reservations. You’re not alone, but many are already calling breakfast buffets a travel perk of the past.
Hotels understand the demand for breakfast will continue as long as travelers continue to check-in. Many hotels are shifting to grab-and-go breakfast options using paper bags, while other hotels have brought back the buffet with a twist - sustainable utensils and paper-based carton water bottles. 
Consider the brands your organization is turning to when opting in to grab-and-go breakfast and other single-use options. Do those brands have a mission that aligns with your organization? What ways are they giving back to the planet? Hotels using pre-packaged items can still create memorable experiences for guests when using purpose brands.  

Some hotels serve Boxed Water™ to their guests during check-in. As an organization, Boxed Water Is Better plants two trees in a U.S. National Forest each time someone posts a photo on social media using the hashtag #BetterPlanet. Handing guests a complimentary Boxed Water™ carton at check-in not only shows thoughtfulness by providing travelers with hydration in an earth-friendly carton water bottle, it also gives them a way to get involved and help the planet.


Rethinking Refillable Service

Is it sanitary to offer refillable service? That’s a question many restaurants and boutique hotels were faced with as they began navigating through the murky waters of reopening their businesses.
Ultimately, most have chosen to end refillable service for the foreseeable future. 
FireLight Camps got rid of communal water areas, but still wanted to provide guests with hydration at check-in. So, the Upstate New York glamping venue is handing out Boxed Water™ cartons in the 250mL size. 
Convenience stores, gas stations and fast-food establishments have also shifted away from refillable service in an attempt to minimize contact and uphold sanitary measures. Most corporate offices are adding eco-friendly water bottles, like Boxed Water Is Better, to their conference rooms and C-Suites.
Corporate cafes, schools and hospitals are offering sealed products instead of refillable options. The beauty is that cartons are refillable as well.
Our organization has always believed that refillable is best, which is why we’re hoping refillable options return one day when the world is healthier. Until then, plastic and aluminum are not the answer. There’s already evidence that the war on plastic pollution has been put on hold, and it’s important that we don’t forget to fight for the health of our planet.

Staying Safe & Sustainable

People are eager to get out but want to know that they have a safe and sustainable option when they do. Gaining consumer trust is crucial to businesses today.  By showing consumers that you’ve made demonstrable changes and visible disinfecting measures, you earn their trust and their business. When you consider the planet in the process you earn an even deeper level of trust. 

As Travel Magazine points out, all aspects of our lives have shifted to a cleaner perspective; elevating the planet’s health simultaneously. Boxed Water™ is ready for this change. Not only are our plant-based cartons safe, sealed, secure and sustainable, but they’re customizable! In a large group? No problem. You can write your name on it for another layer of security. 


Beyond providing a sustainable water alternative to plastic, Boxed Water™ also celebrates the planet. By providing a contactless experience for customers to engage, hundreds of thousands of people have joined us in planting trees in National Forests and the number continues to grow. Ready to save the planet with us?

What Can You Do?

This is the easiest part.  Vote with your wallet.  Support companies that embrace sustainability.  Do your homework.  Check out websites before your book a hotel and make sure they support sustainability.  Make sure you tell the front desk of your thoughts; it will get back to management.  You can make the difference.

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