a person holding Boxed Water on the beach with text overlayed reading"COVID 19 and corporate responsibility"

By now, all brands need to have a purpose. 

Understandably, the COVID-19 pandemic has shifted our efforts towards humanitarian support to fight the virus. Simultaneously, it’s forcing brands to reevaluate their core values and mission. Whether they choose to support humanitarian, environmental or one of a myriad of causes, today's brands have the ability to help our communities for the long term.

Recently, Sustainable Brands detailed a number of companies including Allbirds, Crocs, 3M, CVS which are pitching in to help during this crisis. These companies need to be applauded, and consumers will remember their generosity. This should be a wake-up call for the majority of the other brands that need to align their brand values with an overarching mission.

Just look at the amount of money that companies are still spending on superficial ads and promotional stunts to sell their products; according to Forbes, Coke and Pepsi spends over $10 billion annually.  Imagine the good that could be done by shifting those dollars from expensive Superbowl ads to helping our planet; especially since they are some of the worst polluters in the world.

Across many industries, there is a growing list of successful companies that make ethical missions a core part of their company principles; guiding their decisions. In the past, Patagonia stood alone as a brand blending purpose with profit; now there is a growing list of brands succeeding with this approach.  Consumers are choosing them for more than a great product; they choose them for their greater mission.  As transparency grows, more consumers will continue to make informed choices. In our arena, consumers are avoiding imported water and choosing sustainable options as they learn the environmental impact of transporting water across oceans. 

Boxed Water Is Better has let its values guide its decisions for 10 years and as we’ve grown, so has our mission. We’ve worked with partners to clean miles of beaches and also led reforestation efforts in the U.S. National Forests.  Based solely on consumer posts, and partnership support, this summer, we celebrate planting 1,000,000 trees in our national forests with the help of the National Forest Foundation. Not only have consumers led this effort with thousands of creative posts, but brands who care have lent their support. From celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres to brands like DVF or AG Jeans, communities are coming together for a higher cause.

No matter what company or brand you work for, you can make a difference.  Now, more than ever, there is proof that it makes sense to combine purpose with profit.  Brands need to evolve beyond superficial messages. Consumers expect more from companies. Every company is comprised of people and people make the difference.  Rally your teams together to pick a cause, support a mission, stand for something…..everyone will be better off if you do.

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