Boxed Water Celebrates our Planet

Earth Day celebrations looked a little different this year as the COVID-19 pandemic forced us to get creative. Understandably, the focus on the environment has taken a back seat to the pandemic, yet this time has also served as a critical reminder of how much our human behaviors affect the planet. As the world has slowed down, it’s easy to see the remarkable difference in our environment. NASA is reporting a 30% drop in nitrogen dioxide in China and Italy, we are seeing significantly reduced emissions across the globe, and enjoying bluer skies as we embrace the outdoors and fresher air (at a safe social distance, of course). On the other side, plastic waste is surging.

As we embark through differing pandemic phases, we must make sure this “new normal” is still including environmental stewardship.

Last month we announced that our product packaging is now 92% plant-based – this is the highest rate achieved in the industry. Our new plant-based cap has been added to every carton, bringing us to maximum sustainability in every product. We also practice “near-source filling” to make sure we maintain a lower carbon footprint.  This month we’re keeping the eco-friendly momentum going…


As a company, we celebrate Earth Day every day – but Earth Day 2020 was extra special as we were able to announce a huge milestone that we’ve been working toward for five years: Boxed Water has planted 1,000,000 trees in partnership with the National Forest Foundation (NFF). Boxed Water-sponsored trees have been planted in the Sierra National Forest, Stanislaus National Forest, Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest, Deschutes National Forest, as well as forests throughout Florida, Wisconsin, and Michigan. This is a remarkable milestone for us, and we especially want to thank you – our consumers and brand enthusiasts – for embracing our reforestation mission and supporting our efforts to give back to the planet.


Our celebration isn’t over yet – On May 15th we're hosting a web event with reforestation updates by the NFF and special acknowledgments of people (like you) who helped us get here. As part of the celebration, viewers and participants will be encouraged to name a plant or tree in their sheltered locations – and NFF will symbolically plant a reforested tree in their name. Traditions show that my naming trees and plants in our spaces, we develop a deeper connection to our environment.

So, consider the greenery around your home and think of a name. It can be introspective, hopeful or funny… whatever fits your heart. And please share it by tagging @boxedwater or #BetterPlanet.

Whether it’s Hope or Grace or after someone that inspires you, your plant or tree companion can continue to be a sweet reminder of our collective commitment to the Earth.

See you on May 15th! ---> @boxedwater 


250 ML Boxed Water on table with pink background