250ML Boxed Water on a table with an I pad with text reading "Working from home"

For many of us, we’ve been adapting to working from home – and with it a variety of new challenges. Without the daily commute, our daily routine, and gym time; it can be hard to stay active and healthy. We’ve compiled seven easy ways to stay hydrated, promote productivity and physical health during the workday.

Set a reminder to drink more water

It’s easy to forget to hydrate when working from home. Without the visual cues of the office or coffee breaks, setting a reminder to drink more water is a sure way to drink enough water. We try to keep a Boxed Water on our desk next to the computer as a reminder to drink up – plus, you can decorate the carton and refill/reuse for the week. It’s a win-win!

Schedule in breaks

One way to ward off burnout is to schedule in regular breaks. When you’re at work, you likely take many mental breaks, whether it’s a quick chat at the coffee machine or a lunchtime walk with a coworker. Working at home means you have to be purposeful with your breaks, so try to create blocks in your calendar where you can stretch and refresh your mind.

Switch to tea

We all love our morning cup of coffee, but in the afternoon, try switching to herbal tea. This will not only help boost your hydration, reducing your afternoon caffeine intake will help you sleep better at night, too.

Avoid eating at your computer

With the kitchen only a few feet away, it’s easy to graze at the computer. However, lunchtime is a great opportunity to take a break from the screen. Get outside, read a book, move your laundry to the dryer – anything to away from the screen is a good thing.

Use your commute time

Without a daily commute, are there ways to use that time differently to prepare for the day ahead – or decompress from the day? Perhaps it’s spending that 20 minutes journaling, meditating or doing some light yoga. After work, what about a quick walk or a Facetime with a friend? Building in a daily pre and post-work ritual can help you separate your work life from your personal life.

Get fresh air

Try to get as much fresh air as possible – even if that means opening up a window by your desk or enjoying your morning coffee or tea on the patio. Fresh air can help give your mood a boost, as well as refresh your lungs and clear your head.

Take standing meetings

If you’re like us, your days are probably filled with conference calls. Try to take as many as you can standing instead of sitting. Sitting all day has been linked to a variety of health concerns, so during our less-active routines, it’s even more crucial to find moments to get up out of our chair.

What tips work for you? Are there any tips that you find useful that we didn’t share? Let us know on social media @BoxedWater.

250 ML Boxed Water on table with pink background