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Summer Cocktail Recipes

Jun 17, 2022
Lauren MacGregor
Contributing Author
Lauren MacGregor
Contributing Author

We're filling our summer calendar with parties, picnics, and relaxing on the patio. The new Boxed Water Fruit Flavors have given us endless inspiration for cocktail ideas. And if mocktails are more your speed, take a peek at the Blackberry Lemonade recipe created by our friends at Brit + Co. 

So break out the special glassware, and let's dive in. 


Instagram Screenshot Citrus Margarita

Citrus Margarita

Ingredients (4 servings)

- 5 oz. silver tequila

- 1 orange, juiced

- ½ grapefruit, juiced

- 2-3 limes, juiced

- 1 oz. sweetener of choice (simple syrup, agave, etc.)

- Splash of Grapefruit Boxed Water

- Splash of sparkling water (optional)


Juice the orange, grapefruit, and limes and add to a cocktail shaker. Add your tequila, sweetener of choice, ice, and shake until well mixed (30-45 sec). Strain the mixture into glasses, and top with a splash of Grapefruit Boxed Water and sparkling water, if desired. 


Instagram Screenshot Cucumber Tom Collins 

Cucumber Tom Collins

Ingredients (4 servings)

- 5 oz. gin, or vodka

- 1 lime, sliced

- ½ cucumber, sliced

- 4 oz. simple syrup

- 2 oz. Cucumber Boxed Water, to taste

- 2 oz. seltzer, to taste

- Mint, for garnish 


Add cucumber, lime, and simple syrup to the cocktail shaker. Muddle well. Add the gin, ice, and shake well (30-45 sec). Add ice into glasses and strain mixture over top. Top with Cucumber Boxed Water and seltzer.


Instagram Screenshot Blackberry White Wine Spritzer

Blackberry White Wine Spritzer

Ingredients (2 servings)

- 8 oz. chilled white wine

- 2 oz. Blackberry Boxed Water

- Sparkling water, splash

- ½ cup mixed berries (we used blackberries & strawberries) 

- Mint to garnish


Add ice and fruit to the glasses and pour chilled wine over top. Add Blackberry Boxed Water, a splash of sparkling water (if desired) and still gently. Top with fresh mint leaves.


We can't wait to see how you mix your Boxed Water flavors. Share your creations on social media and tag @boxedwater for your chance to be featured. 

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