Blackberry Lemon Combo

This BOLD combo pack gives you a taste of our Blackberry and Lemon fruit flavored water. Sweet blackberry and fresh lemon packaged together for a 24 pack of award-winning water. Both sugar free, natural flavors give a subtle spark to our 100% purified water. The flavors will refresh your day as you help renew our planet with the classic 92% plant-based carton.

Blackberry Lemon Combo
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36% less carbon emissions compared to plastic bottles

Our boxes ship flat to our filler, 26 times more efficient compared to shipping empty plastic bottles to be filled.

100% recyclable, refillable & BPA free

100% pure refreshing water free of any contaminants or things you don’t need

“I’ve been feeling guilty about all of my plastic water bottle usage, and this is the perfect fix! the packaging is appealing and easy to tote around. The new size is the perfect size to pack in my lunch!
Amy C.
Boxed Water was a wonderful sustainable solution for our event. The company was also wonderful in supporting our TEDx event. They have a great new idea and they support other ideas worth sharing.
Anthony T.
I love this product. I'm looking for ways to eliminate plastic. customer service is fantastic. I bought this for my chiropractic office to hand out.
  • Purified water with natural blackberry & lemon fruit flavor
  • Zero calories, zero sugar, zero artificial flavors
  • 100% recyclable, refillable, and BPA free
  • 92% plant-based package
  • 36% less carbon emissions compared to plastic bottles
  • This combo pack includes 1 12-pack of Blackberry fruit flavor 500mL and 1 12-pack of Lemon fruit flavor 500mL