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Aluminum cans are not sustainable

Aluminum cans are not sustainable

Only 5% of plastic is recycled, resulting in 8.9 million tons of pollution. Production of plastic bottles is drastically worse on our ozone. If everyone switched to cartons, we'd offset as much pollution as NYC generates monthly. 

Environmental impact of production

chart comparing the environmental impact of aluminum cans to Boxed Water cartons
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30% virgin aluminum

30% of aluminum cans are made with virgin aluminum which is not sustainable.

Carbon footprint icon

100% more carbon footprint

Aluminum has 200% more carbon footprint than Boxed Water due to its refining and smelting.

1 white can = 2 blue cartons

2:1 Impact

1 can of water is equal to the footprint of 2 cartons

Recycling isn't enough

We're producing more than we can sustainably manage. We need to analyze the effects of production on the environment.

blue background with graph showing the projection of Plastic Production versus Plastic recycles from 1960-2014 text stating Million Tons of Plastic (Global)
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