500ml Boxed WaterWoman in blue holding 500mL boxed water
500ml Boxed Water

16.9 ounces of 100% pure, refreshing water.

$29.00 +
250ml Boxed WaterWoman with curly hair holding Boxed Water mini carton on top of head
250ml Boxed Water

Our original lunch box size.

1 Liter Boxed Water1 Liter Boxed Water
1 Liter Boxed Water

Perfect for hiking, sports and road trips.

330ml Boxed WaterWoman with curly hair holding armful of Boxed Water 330ml cartons
330ml Boxed Water

When you need a little hydration.

$24.00 +
--gray-bgWoman with Lemon Boxed Water holding lemon slice and sticking out tongue
Lemon 500mL Boxed Water

A burst of natural energizing lemon.

$29.00 +
Cucumber 500mL Boxed Watersubscribe and save 10% on Boxed Water subscription orders
Cucumber 500mL Boxed Water

Cool and calming cucumber for relaxation.

$29.00 +
Blackberry 500mL Boxed WaterBlackberry Boxed Water in front of a purple background
Blackberry 500mL Boxed Water

A natural essence of fresh blackberries.

$29.00 +
Grapefruit 500mL Boxed WaterGrapefruit Boxed Water with sliced grapefruit on pink background
Grapefruit 500mL Boxed Water

Tart - sweet, energizing grapefruit flavor.

$29.00 +
Watermelon 500mL Boxed WaterWoman smiling with Boxed Water Watermelon flavor
Watermelon 500mL Boxed Water

Our fan-favorite, natural watermelon flavor.

$29.00 +