Summer Sustainability Challenge: 10 Easy Ways to Help the Planet

The best time to start helping out our planet is right now! But, with so many areas of our lives that we can improve upon, it’s hard to know where to start. We’ve compiled 10 fun and easy ways to get started. 

How many of the sustainable activities below can you check off this summer?

1. Plant a tree

If your memory is a little cloudy on how important trees are, consider this: One large tree can provide a day’s supply of oxygen for four people. Trees provide oxygen to all living things on our planet and have the power to remove harmful gases that are polluting the air we breath, like carbon dioxide.

Imagine the positive impact that we could have if everyone in your neighborhood or even your community planted a tree. Better yet, plant a tree, name it, and post a photo on social media using the hashtag #BetterPlanet and we’ll plant two trees in a U.S. National Forest in your honor. We've already planted one million trees across the U.S. Now, we're on a mission to plant one million more!

2. Collect rainwater for your plants and garden

Rainwater is a natural resource. An easy way to conserve water, energy, and money is by collecting rainwater for your houseplants, landscaping and garden.

When it rains, runoff water from the roof is usually wasted. Rain barrels collect this runoff rainwater and can store it for later use. There are many types of rain barrels to choose from, depending on how much you're hoping to collect.

3. Use a clothes line

Nothing beats the fresh smell of line-dried clothes and sheets. Plus, by not using your dryer, it also will save you money on your utility bills and will conserve energy.

4. Don’t preheat your oven

If you’re baking or roasting this summer, one easy way to reduce your energy consumption is by not preheating your oven. As Epicurious details, many foods don’t need to be preheated, like casseroles, roasts and lasagnas. The loose rule of thumb: Preheat the oven for foods that include eggs and flour - otherwise just pop them in the oven and come back when they’re done.

5. BYOB: Bring Your Own Bag

Commit to using reusable bags when going to the store. The average American family takes home around 1,500 plastic bags a year - just think of the positive impact you can make by using your own bag and ditching the plastic! There are some stylish options available, too.

6. Pick 3 weekdays to go meatless

Did you know, according to a French Environment and Energy Management Agency study in 2018, vegetarian/vegan diets produce nearly 50% fewer greenhouse gas emissions and have a more than 41% smaller environmental footprint than diets that included meat. Even cutting out meat a few times a week can make a difference.

7. 30-Days: Zero Plastic Bottles

Take our No-Plastic Pledge and commit to not using a single plastic water bottle for 30 days. Join our movement against plastic bottle consumption and help us reduce the amount of plastic polluting our earth and oceans each year. An easy swap? A reusable water bottle or Boxed Water cartons. Made from 92% plant-based packaging, we’re the most renewable package on the water isle.

8. Buy local

Farmers markets and local shops are great places to pick up artisan products and fresh produce that didn’t travel across the world to get to you. The closer products were made and grown, the lower their carbon footprint. Plus, you’re supporting your neighbors at the same time!

9. Cycle, don’t drive

Popping out to run a few errands? Try accomplishing as much on your to-do list as possible via bike. This not only reduces your daily carbon footprint, it’s also great exercise and gives you a fresh-air mood boost.

10. Practice the three Rs

We all know them: Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. 

But, how much do we actually practice them? Use this summer as a test to monitor what you can reduce using, what you can reuse over and over again, and make sure what can be recycled lands in the recycling bin. And make sure what lands in the bin has been gently cleaned so it doesn't get discarded as contaminated waste. It’s the small but easy steps that add up to a big difference for our planet. 

Did you know Boxed Water cartons are reusable? Clean them out with warm water and a little soap between fill-ups – and recycle the carton if you see visible wear and tear.

Our team is on a mission to implement all of these this year – what about you? 

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