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In the past, we’ve shared the many ways you can help reduce your plastic consumption, make easy swaps to benefit the planet and even shared some of the organizations we work with to further our shared mission of sustainability.

However, one aspect of our business you might not know much about is our essential business partnerships behind the scenes. They enable you to find Boxed Water when you’re shopping, traveling, or breaking a sweat at the gym. We work across various industries to support sustainability goals. It’s a way to make a big difference at scale; in a single day the individuals behind these businesses can move hundreds of customers from plastic to paper.

Sustainable Business Spotlight: Hospitality

One of the biggest industries we work with is hospitality, including hotels, conferences and events. Tourism accounts for 8% of carbon emissions worldwide. Yes, the getting to-and-from your destination is a portion of that percentage but so are the items you use or consume. The use of single-use plastic is quite high because it’s convenient for both hotels and the customer.

Think back to the last hotel you stayed at -- it’s likely there were water bottles in your room (usually plastic); they’re easy to grab and go when you’re traveling. People need water-on-the-go, and eco-friendly hotels need a solution.  With Boxed Water's hospitality partners, they offer the box instead of plastic water bottles in-room, at the front desk, or in the cafe.

One of our favorite examples is the Hotel Palms, a surf-chic hotel creating the experience of being an “unlikely local” in Atlantic Beach, Florida. The hotel puts a strong emphasis on design and - because of its proximity to the beach (only blocks away) - sustainability.

Hotel Palms CoOwner, Greg Schwartzenberger felt compelled to help protect the ocean and offer an alternative to plastic water bottles. Each of their rooms offers two free 250-ml Boxed Water cartons daily with larger boxes available for purchase. Customers can even re-fill their cartons (yes, Boxed Water cartons are reusable) for all-day, on-the-go hydration.

The Hotel Palms

“I would say one in every three guests mentions Boxed Water and appreciates us offering it as an alternative to plastic,” said Schwartzenberger. “We see professional surf guests from across the country visit the Hotel Palms. They are stoked to see we offer Boxed Water as a more sustainable option.”

The ROI on Eco-Friendly

The focus on sustainable travel isn’t going anywhere soon. 87% of travelers say they want to travel sustainably. Our friends at The Venue Report – travel experts extraordinaire – noticed the shift and asked Hotel Palms about how making the eco-friendly business choice shows an actual return on the investment.  

We’ve found that guests are more likely to purchase Boxed Water than they would a plastic bottle of water. It has been a good source of incremental revenue.”

That’s right: the guests were more likely to purchase water and left with an unforgettable experience. The next time you travel, take a look around. You'll notice those details that connect your hotel experience with the mission on the door.

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