Woman holding two boxes of Boxed Water

From the very beginning, Boxed Water has made creating a sustainable alternative to plastic water bottles our top priority. We’re not saying we’re the best choice - that’s still drinking tap water. But when you need water on-the-go, we hope you reach for a box and not a bottle.

Did you know that plastic is made from oil? While many people think most plastics are recycled, the data proves otherwise. In one year, the U.S. produces a staggering 32 million tons of plastic waste and only around nine percent is recovered for recycling.

That’s why we tap into a renewable resource that’s all around us - trees! That’s why we’re not just a water company; we also help our planet and promote making more sustainable choices.  

For example, to make the box, we use paper that’s sourced from trees in well-managed, sustainable forests. That’s right! Our paper comes from forests that are responsibly managed, and in turn, the forests support robust economies. This provides for our communities and private landowners to keep forests as forests.

We care about the impact we are making on the environment. We not only think about the resources that matter most to our environment, but we also work to make a positive impact. Which is why we plant trees with the National Forest Foundation. And no, the forests aren’t the same! These are the ones we hold dear to our hearts, take vacations to and snap picturesque photos of all while keeping our wildlife safe.


And with our partnerships with organizations like the NFF, we know that making small choices -- like recycling or choosing paper over plastic -- can make a big impact.

YOU can choose to help the planet every day. YOU can make a difference.

You can join us in planting new trees with our Better for our Planet campaign with the National Forest Foundation. For every photo you post using our campaign hashtag #ReTree, we’ll plant two trees in your honor. To date, our friends and fans have helped us plant more than 1 Million trees.

By joining us to take care of our planet, you’re helping conserve our natural resources for generations to come.

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