Photo collage of nature with text overlayed reading "We've teamed up with Unsplash"

Earlier this year, we debuted our plant-based cap, made from tree waste. This innovation makes our  packaging 92 percent plant based, and also means our carton is the most sustainable one you’ll find online or in the water aisle. 

This new cap is just one of the many small ways we can help make a big impact on our planet.

Another important way we involve our friends and fans in our obsession with the environment is through our #BetterPlanet campaign. To date, we’ve planted more than one million trees with our followers and fans.

We've teamed up with Unsplash!

And today, we’re excited to announce a new partnership that’ll help us plant even more trees! We’ve teamed up with Unsplash, one of the largest online platforms for stock photography, to curate a special sustainability topic to celebrate our planet. 

From now until August 31, you can submit your best sustainability pics for a chance to be featured. For every photo submitted we’ll plant two trees in U.S. National Forests in your honor. From breathtaking nature shots to heart-wrenching plastic pollution, from photos of climate protests to images of the effects of climate change -- we’re excited to showcase the work of photographers from across the world about this critical world issue. 

And as always, if you choose to also share your photo on social, don’t forget to use the tag #BetterPlanet and we’ll plant another two trees for you.

Together, let’s plant another million more trees!

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