A woman drinking Boxed Water

Did you know that every time you reach for Boxed Water, you’re making a positive impact on the planet? From how it’s made to how it’s recycled, we’ve carefully created a product that’s earth-first, sustainable, and a far better option than plastic bottles.

Out of the numerous reasons to drink Boxed Water, we’ve highlighted five of our favorites below. Let us know in the comments below – why do you choose Boxed Water?

1. Boxed Water is 92% renewable

We’ve talked about this before, but it’s important enough to repeat. Our box is made from paperboard and paper waste – a paper product. But it isn’t made from just regular paper. The paper in our boxes comes from sustainable forests, which not only offsets our carbon footprint, but it also ensures that the harvested trees are continually recycled. We are happy to say our carton is FSC certified and 92% plant-based.

2. Boxed Water is 100% recyclable

We put great thought into how Boxed Water is recycled, and we’re proud to say that the entire product is 100% recyclable. After the pieces are separated, they’re either recycled or upcycled into other products. For example, we partner with ReWall to turn the paperboard from our boxes into building materials like ceiling tiles.

3. Boxed Water has a smaller carbon footprint than bottled water

One aspect of the manufacturing process that many people don’t think about is the water filling process. After the boxes are made, they’re sent to our filling locations, which are intended to be as close to you, the consumer, as possible. What’s most interesting is our process of shipping to our filling locations --  the boxes are shipped flat so they take up less space than fully-formed plastic bottles. This means we’re able to ship 1 truck of Boxed Water boxes for every 26 trucks of bottled water.

4. Our water is sustainably pure

Rather than sourcing our water from springs and having to transport it across the country (it’s heavier than you might think), we source our water from municipal water repositories. By sourcing closer to consumers, we’re able to reduce our carbon footprint. Then, we purify the water through our 8-step process to remove minerals, chemicals and other impurities. When you drink Boxed Water, it’s just that: clear, crisp water in a box.

5. We plant new trees with our partnership with the National Forest Foundation

In 2015, we set a goal to plant 1 million new trees in five years, and we’re already ahead of schedule. Thanks to our customers, friends and partners, we’ve planted 612,000+ trees in under three years. Before you ask, no, these aren’t forests that are harvested for our boxes. Rather, they’re high-priority forests that the National Forest Foundation has selected that are in most need of new trees. Learn more about our Better for our Planet campaign and how you can help us hit our goal and help the planet at the same time.

250 ML Boxed Water on table with pink background