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Our Obsession: Pure Water in a Sustainable Way

Oct 12, 2017
Austin Langlois
Contributing Author
Austin Langlois
Contributing Author

At Boxed Water, our top two priorities are in the name: the boxes and the water.

When you look at our boxes, you’ll notice that there’s no ingredient label on the box or mineral content description. That’s because what’s inside needs no description. It’s just pure water.

Boxed Water on Rocks

People are often surprised that we use municipal water supply (city water) rather than tapping into springs or shipping from exotic locations (e.g., Fiji). That’s because by using water close to our filling locations, we’re able to reduce the overall carbon footprint of our product. No transporting water over thousands of miles or setting up new sourcing facilities across the country. Instead, we use already established water facilities as our source. We also have two water filling facilities, one in the East and one in the West. In the West, the municipal water is sourced from the mountain streams that run through the Wasatch National Forest, while in the East, the municipal water is sourced from Lake Michigan.

Boxed Water on assembly line

We then use an 8-step process to purify the water for a consistently crisp and pure taste. From removing hard minerals and sodium to purifying the water with ultraviolet light, you can be assured that the Boxed Water you get is pure, fresh, delicious water. Just ask the food critics who awarded Boxed Water for its taste!



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