Bottled water is convenient. The way it’s produced isn’t.

Enter Boxed Water: a pure, sustainable, and BETTER choice.

Our boxes are made from paper - a truly renewable resource, 100% recyclable, and more efficient to produce and ship than plastic bottles. Your simple choice makes a big impact.
Our original lunch box size.
Starting at $13.42
Best Seller: 16.9 ounces of purified water
Starting at $15.42
1 Liter
For those with serious thirst.
Starting at $35.74

Free Shipping

100% Recyclable
Most people in the US have access to curbside recycling for cartons.
Sustainably Sourced
74% of our box is made from paper - a renewable resource. 
Free of BPA and Additives
We believe pure water offers the best hydration. 

We clean beaches and plant trees.

A portion of each sale makes our planet a better place to live and enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Boxed Water better?

We're a sustainable alternative to plastic water bottles. Our box is made from mostly paper, a truly renewable resource.

How is the water itself better?

Packaged water should be healthy and pure. Our multi-step purification process removes all impurities, minerals, and things you don’t need. We believe it is the purest form of hydration available and consistently will provide the best taste.

Are Boxed Water cartons recyclable?

Our boxes are made of 100% recyclable materials. The majority of people in the US have curbside pickup for our boxes and the rest have access through drop-off centers and mail-in programs.

What is the pH level of your water?

With a 6.4pH, we strive to be closest to pH neutral - which we feel offers the best hydration for your body. Our 8-step water process includes reverse osmosis, carbon filtration and UV light treatment - we feel the purest available, with no added minerals.