Better for our Planet & Trees!
Why trees?

Trees provide so many benefits for our environment. They help stabilize watersheds that provide millions of Americans with clean water, they offer a habitat for wildlife and they improve air quality. Hear more about how trees make our lives and planet better from our friends at West Coast Arborists here.

How do you choose where to plant trees?

The National Forest Foundation (NFF) annually selects areas based on the greatest need due to factors like wildfires and other natural threats. To learn how your trees get planted, our friends at the NFF explain here.

Where will my trees be planted this year?

This year, we’re partnering with the National Forest Foundation to plant trees in Angeles National Forest to help with reforestation after the Sand fire, in Lassen National Forest for reforestation after the Hat Creek fire and in Chippewa National Forest for blowdown reforestation.

Learn about the 7 National Forests where we are planting trees.

Where have you & Boxed Water helped plant trees in years past?

In the last three years, we’ve planted trees in Deschutes National Forest to increase climate resiliency, in Custer-Gallatin National Forest to restore damage from Ash Creek fires, in Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest to restore damage caused by spruce beetles and in Stanislaus National Forest to restore damage from the Rim Fire.

What types of trees are planted?

The trees planted on each project vary. Only seedlings native to each forest are used for the reforestation projects. Here are the species that have been planted at previous projects: Englemann spruce, lodgepole pine, ponderosa pine, sugar pine, Jeffery pine, white fir, and incense cedar.

How do I know you’re actually planting trees?

Take a look at our most recent planting in the Stanislaus National Forest

What does posting with a hashtag have to do with planting trees?

Our commitment at Boxed Water is not only to help better our planet by providing a sustainable alternative to plastic water bottles, but to also make a very real impact on bettering the planet for our future. By asking you to help us spread the word about the importance of our planet through posting a picture and using #betterplanet we are supporting both our planet and your voice in bettering our planet for years to come.

Why did you change the name from #Retree?

Don’t worry – your #Retree posts will still count for tree planting! We think #BetterPlanet describes our goal for our planet more accurately: making our planet healthier and better. Our planet is in need of more than just trees and #BetterPlanet will allow us to add new partners to the impact that all of us at Boxed Water are so passionate about. So, stay involved in our community to learn about future ways to help with Better for our Planet!

Glamping Sweepstakes Vacation!
What is glamping?

Glamping = glamorous + camping. Glamping campsites are decked out with amenities you’d find in most luxury hotels: comfortable couches, tables, running water, and in some cases, Jacuzzis! We will have more details to learn more about our Glamping Sweepstakes this coming April.

Carton Recycling
Can Boxed Water be recycled?

Yes! Boxed Water is 100% recyclable. Most regions in the U.S. have simple recycling options and many are expanding their capabilities every day. Visit for information on recycling in your area and to learn more about the carton recycling process.


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