Better for our Planet Beach Cleanup!
Are you still planting trees with #BetterPlanet?

Yes, we’re still planting trees for posts with #BetterPlanet! We’ll be able to sort submissions for the beach cleanup contest based on content, so images posted with #BetterPlanet will still count towards planting trees.

What do plastic bottles have to do with beaches?

7 of the top 10 items found in beach cleanups are plastic (bottles and caps are 2 and 3)! In order of frequency, the list is: cigarette butts, plastic bottles, plastic caps, food wrappers, plastic grocery bags, plastic lids, straws, glass bottles, other plastic bags, and foam take-away containers. Yuck!

Where are you cleaning beaches?

We have a partnership with our friends over at Ocean Blue Project. They organize beach cleanups throughout the country, and we’ll work with them and other partners to clean beaches where we have relationships. We’ve already begun cleaning beaches along the West Coast in California and Oregon!

Who is Ocean Blue Project?

A non-profit founded in 2012, based in Washington State—OBP’s goals are to empower our communities and improve our environments by providing planning and technical assistance to landowners, the general public, schools, organizations, as well as local governments. OBP empowers community through beach cleanups and restorations. Learn more at www.oceanblueproject.org

How many winners will receive a beach cleanup?

We will sponsor three winners!

How are winners of the contest selected? When?

The video entries will be judged on quality, message, geography, and community response. We will accept entries from August 15 until October 31. Winners will be selected on November 4, so make sure to follow our social channels for updates throughout the campaign and to see who wins!

What does posting with a hashtag have to do with cleaning beaches?

Our commitment at Boxed Water is not only to help better our planet by providing a sustainable alternative to plastic water bottles, but to also make a very real impact on bettering the planet for our future. By asking you to help us spread the word about the importance of our planet through posting a video and using #BetterPlanet we're supporting both our planet and your voice in bettering our planet for years to come.

How much of the "proceeds" are going to beach cleanups?

We’ve started with supporting 50 cleanups this summer! This is a new venture for us, so the amount of proceeds will depend on consumer response and how many beach cleanups we can sponsor. Our donation to Ocean Blue Project is verified by 1% For the Planet.


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