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You’ve likely seen viral videos like this one – it’s a heartbreaking video of a sea turtle with a straw up its nostril. It’s an example of the devastating effect that plastic straws have on our environment, i.e., our oceans and marine life.

Late last year, Buzzfeed helped raise awareness for Strawless Ocean to help reduce the number of 500 million straws used in the U.S. each day by getting 100 people to stop using straws for a week.

And while plastic straws are an easy way to reduce the amount of plastic consumption, they’re not the biggest problem our oceans face.

It’s much bigger than straws.

During International Coastal Cleanup Day in 2017, nearly 800,000 volunteers across 100+ countries cleaned 20.47 million pounds of marine trash from 18,935 miles of beaches. Nine of the top 10 items collected were single-use plastic, like straws, lids, plastic bags and food wrappers.

Surprisingly, plastic water bottles ranked the third most-common item, with plastic grocery bags clocking in at no. 5 and straws and stirrers ranking seventh.

And, it’s why we’ve partnered with organizations like Ocean Blue Project, to clean 3,000 miles of beaches with our #BetterPlanet campaign. Learn more and join us in making a positive impact.

So the next time you pick up a plastic water bottle, think again. There’s a better solution -- Boxed Water. We’re focused on keeping plastic out of our waste stream with a sustainable, 100-percent recyclable, single-use, portable water.

And, each time you purchase a Boxed Water, a portion of the proceeds go toward cleaning our beaches. Learn more about the plastic epidemic and what we’re doing to help our planet in the video above.

Together, we can all make a big difference in cleaning our oceans and beaches.

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