Sustainable School Days with Mikaela

As the back-to-school season unfolds, we're eager to celebrate this exciting time of the year with our amazing community! Join us as we delve into their stories, experiences, and the inspiring moments shaping their commitment to sustainability. We got to chat with Mikaela, who embraces our shared values and makes choices toward a greener, more sustainable future.

How do you incorporate sustainability into daily life, especially during the school year?

This year the kids did their back to school shopping second hand at our local thrift shop. They always love this experience and they usually come home with a fun haul that they’re super stoked on! We’re using stainless steel bento boxes for their school lunches to avoid tons of plastic, and we’ve been more intentional about supporting local and shopping our farmers market for produce.


Why do you think it's important for parents to choose eco-friendly products during the back-to-school season? 

I think it’s important for parents to choose eco-friendly because kids and their future are important to put it plainly! We go to the beach most days and we see plastic and trash there every single time. This constant reality makes the decision to choose eco-friendly easy because we often see the impact of using things like plastic that never go away. I think there are so many moments and opportunities to choose the more eco-friendly option when it comes to back-to-school. We don’t use plastic in their school supplies. For example, we use crayons instead of markers to avoid the single-use plastic, the packaging from their supplies are paper and stainless steel, and their backpacks are made from recycled materials. We try to avoid those bags full of single bags of snacks at the grocery store and opt to pack their snacks in compostable bags or reusable containers instead. This commitment adds up to a big impact for the planet and our kid’s future on it.

How can incorporating products like Boxed Water into back-to-school routines serve as a practical way to promote sustainability among students and families?

Using Boxed Water in school lunches and routines is such an incredible way to choose sustainability! They are 100% recyclable, and it’s the most renewable package in the water aisle. When I became conscious of how polluted the earth is with plastic, I became aware of just how much plastic packaging, wrappers and bags I was throwing away every day and it was astounding. I wish everyone knew that plastic water bottles are not the only option, but they are definitely the most consequential for your health and the planet. Choosing Boxed Water is a huge step in limiting your own plastic use. My kids love drinking out of them, they think it’s so fun! And I personally love that the water doesn’t have that plastic after-taste.

What advice do you have for those enthusiastic about contributing to the environment but uncertain about their first steps?

The number one thing I’d recommend as your first step is to ditch plastic as best you can. There is always a better option. Look for reusable and recyclable materials like paper, bamboo and stainless steel. We like going to our local refill shop to fill up glass bottles of cleaning products and shampoo/soaps to avoid more single use plastics. We also love shopping second hand instead of contributing to fast fashion as textile waste is a major issue we’re currently facing.

What do you believe are the long-term benefits of making small sustainable choices for the planet and future generations? 

Our everyday choices that might feel small are directly impacting the future generations and that is a powerful thought. We are all capable of producing so much waste in a single day. When we opt for eco-friendly products throughout our days, it drastically reduces what we’re contributing to landfills and polluting the earth with. I’ve noticed that our kids are so much more aware of sustainability than I was as a kid and it encourages me on how the future generation will steward the earth. They pick up trash at the beach when they see it and they love to learn about composting. I’ve also noticed the ripple effect of sustainability awareness in our community take off and it gives me so much hope!

Where can our community find you online? 

You can find us on Instagram at @mikaelaroses

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