Stay Home. Stay Healthy. Stay Hydrated.

We’re sure you’ve heard this question a million times in recent weeks….but, how are you? Yeah…us too. 

Existing in a perpetual state of uncertainty and isolation is raising anxiety and lowering patience. We’re all doing our best to navigate the new normal, which is anything but. We all have a lot on our minds and the stress is taking a toll. We may not be able to control everything happening around us, but we can control how we allow it to affect our mental well-being.

So, we ask ARE YOU?

If you’re like us, you are trying to exercise, eat right, rest, and stay connected to loved ones thru new portals (thank you ZOOM VIDEO!). But there’s one important element that is often overlooked – drinking enough WATER!   Water is vital to life (ours and the planet’s) and is considered a stress reliever. Our brains are 70% water and every cell in our body is dependent on water for healthy functioning – and that includes our mental health! Did you know that drinking sufficient water can create feelings of relaxation?! So, drink to your (mental) health!
One way to improve your mental well-being is to focus on the positives! Families are spending more time together, traffic is reduced which is good for the environment, fast food is replaced with home cooked meals!  Doctors, nurses, teachers and food service workers are being praised as heroes instead of athletes. And best of all, we are being forced to slow down a bit and re-examine our lives and what’s most important to us. Another attitude boost is to do something positive for the planet – with your help Boxed Water Is Better has planted over 1,000,000 trees and we want to plant one million more! You can do it from home by visiting our site!  Did you know that 2 trees will eliminate 1 ton of CO2 in its lifetime? That makes us and the planet breathe easier!  We’re all in this together, and together we’ll get through this too.
Just like you, we are leaning on our friends during this challenging time and several of them might be able to help you too…drop in at The Dogpound for online workouts, visit MindBodyGreen for inspiration and healthy tips, or CleanPlates for quick and healthy recipes! Or best of all, just go for a walk and clear your mind. Nature is our sanctuary, check out our National Forests online and know that there will be 2 more trees out there for you to visit someday! And remember, April showers bring May flowers – and May is upon us! 

In the meantime…stay home, stay healthy, stay hydrated! And let us plant a tree for you, you’ll feel better and so will the planet!

Wishing you peace of mind, health, and happiness!
Your friends at Boxed Water

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