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Rock Out to Help Out our Planet

Jul 26, 2018
Austin Langlois
Contributing Author
Austin Langlois
Contributing Author

The end of summer is around the corner 😱 and if you haven’t seen your favorite bands at a music festival, what are you waiting for? There is sun, music, and unfortunately, a lot of waste.

In fact, Rolling Stone reported that the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in 2015 produced over 679 tons of waste in four days – about 15 pounds of waste for each of its 90,000+ attendees. “The biggest component of that waste was single-use disposable plastic: water bottles, beer cups, straws, utensils, wrappers and packaging.” 

Over the past month, we’ve heard big announcements about brands removing plastic straws from their locations: Starbucks, Hyatt, and American Airlines to name a few. Big events and music festivals are leading the charge as well. Events like Coachella in Chicago and the Electric Zoo in New York will be banning straws

But plastic straws are just the start. In addition to filling stations, many festivals are addressing plastic bottle waste by offering sustainable alternatives like Boxed Water (🙌). For years we’ve supplied music festivals across the country. From Coachella back in 2013, to Life Is Beautiful in 2017, and Spring Awakening this year. So before your summer closes, we encourage you to find an upcoming event near you – maybe the Twilight Concert Series on Santa Monica Pier or SummerStage in parks across NYC.

Think about it, for events like the Twilight Concert Series that draw up to 35,000 people per concert, swapping out plastic for paper can make a huge, positive impact on our planet. And you can be a part of the movement!


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