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Every day, more news comes out about plastic in our bodies, and its prevalence in everything from food to nanoplastics in drinking water. In April 2024, the EPA released new standards for the presence of PFAS in public drinking water, which opened up many people’s eyes to this pervasive form of plastic pollution. Bottled water brands are not required to meet the same health standards as municipal sources, and Consumer Reports showed that many of the most common plastic bottled water brands contain PFAS. Boxed Water’s mission has always been to be better. We obsess over offering pure free water that is free from harmful chemicals.  

What are PFAS?

PFAS chemicals, also nicknamed “Forever Chemicals,” are a group of heat-resistant chemicals found in many everyday items that repel oil and water. While they are no longer manufactured in the U.S., PFAS were produced in numerous manufacturing facilities and added to items such as plastics, non-stick cookware, food packaging, dental floss, plastic bottles, and more.

Why are PFAS dangerous?

Because PFAS were used so extensively and do not break down, they are still found almost everywhere and in everyone. According to the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, PFAS are present in the blood of 99% of people in the United States. Studies on PFAS link these chemicals to various health problems, including increased risks of cancer, reduced immune system efficiency, decreased liver functionality, and fertility issues. Due to these concerns, it is important to try to avoid products contaminated with PFAS whenever possible.

PFAS in bottled water

PFAS are also present in plastic and canned water. While banned from public water systems such as your local tap, packaged waters and other beverages still contain traces of PFAS. Recently, Consumer Reports found that many of the industry-leading bottled water products have some level of PFAS contamination. While some bottles may have extremely small traces, any amount of PFAS contamination can be harmful, and avoiding it altogether is your safest option.

Purified water is often the safest water

According to Consumer Reports, “Brands labeled ‘purified’ were less likely to have the contaminants,” in contrast to spring sources. Boxed Water uses a proprietary 8-step process that removes contaminants and minerals. Not only does this support our mission of offering the purest water, but it also cuts our carbon footprint. It is much more ecologically friendly to source water close to your consumers than to source water from tropical islands.

Where to find PFAS-free water

Finding PFAS-free alternatives, rather than plastic or aluminum bottles that are likely to contain PFAS, is important for both your health and the environment. Boxed Water is not only more sustainable than plastic water bottles, but it is also proven to be one of the few PFAS-free brands available. With a range of sizes and flavors, Boxed Water offers a product you will love, without having to worry about harmful chemicals contaminating your water.



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