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Exploring How Trees Connect Humans, Nature, and Sustainability with Chicago’s The Morton Arboretum

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At Boxed Water, we’re obsessed with trees. We talk about them on a daily basis and we’ve planted over a million of them across the country with the National Forest Foundation.

So, we were super pumped when one of our loyal business customers announced a new exhibit aimed at promoting trees and their importance to our planet. 

If you’re in the Chicago area, make sure to add visiting The Morton Arboretum to your summer or fall activity list. The Arboretum has a new outdoor exhibit called Human+Nature (pronounced “human nature”) that aims to connect people with trees. Five gigantic sculptures crafted by renowned artist Daniel Popper complete this awesome exhibit, which is automatically included with a general admission ticket to the garden.

“Trees have the power to refresh and restore people, to connect them to the natural world,” said Tari Marshall, head of public relations at the Arboretum. 

She’s right. Trees are beneficial for so many reasons, like absorbing carbon dioxide as they grow, which helps slow the rate of global warming. Did you know that over their lifetime, 2 trees will remove 1 ton of carbon dioxide from the air? They also reduce noise and filter pollution from the air. Studies have even shown that spending time among trees can reduce mental fatigue. And, every time you post a photo with Boxed Water and #BetterPlanet, we’ll plant 2 trees and help save the planet. 

The five sculptures, which vary in size from 15 to 26-feet-tall, were built exclusively for the Arboretum and are displayed in various locations across the Arboretum’s 1,700 acres. These massive sculptures are both beautiful and interactive. The Arboretum is hoping it will give guests a great appreciation for the world’s trees while also allowing them to explore locations on the property they haven’t before.

“People rely on trees for clean air to breathe, shade to cool, and beauty that can bring joy and relaxation, among many other benefits,” Marshall said. “In turn, trees need people to care for them if they are to thrive and share their benefits, especially in a changing climate.”

The exhibit will be available until Summer 2022. 

“Guests are invited to reimagine their relationships with trees as they explore these expressive large-scale artworks while also enjoying the outdoors and the trees of The Morton Arboretum,” Marshall said.

We love the Arboretum’s commitment to sustainability. They've been carrying Boxed Water for more than five years in an effort to reduce plastic pollution, and have been among Public Gardens bringing sustainability to each area of their work. 

“The Arboretum is committed to continually developing sustainable practices,” Marshall said. “Among its current efforts are extensive natural materials recycling and reuse (such as making benches from fallen trees), offering reusable water bottles in its Ginkgo Café and water filling stations, and offering beverages such as Boxed Water in recyclable containers.”

Make sure to follow The Morton Arboretum on Facebook & Instagram. And, if you grab a Boxed Water during your visit, make sure to post a picture with your plant-based carton on social media using the hashtag #BetterPlanet and we’ll plant two trees in your honor!

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