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HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY! To celebrate, we thought we’d feté a few of our own.

At Boxed Water…our vibe attracts our tribe and that goes for our team members too! So let’s meet 4 women who are bettering the planet and hear about who inspires them!


What do you love about working for Boxed Water?

Boxed Water is one of the first companies to successfully marry authentic values with social responsibility, philanthropy and business. Our team lives these values everyday and that’s refreshing in this world. This company is always looking to do better, we are so much more than a water company! We have evolved to be a connector of like-minded brands regardless of industry or size. We are helping other brands deliver sustainability!

Diane von Furstenberg is one of your muses, why?

She is a strong woman who was a pioneer in a man’s world for decades, following her passion and building a successful business. In her second act she is spending her time and energy lifting the next generation of women entrepreneurs by giving back and sharing her advice and wisdom to help other women succeed.

Do you have a favorite quote of hers?

“You know who’s gonna give you everything? Yourself.”

What drives you to be your best self?

My team, my family and the planet! They keep me on my toes, accountable, kind and motivated to leave this Earth a better one.


Tell me about a memorable experience working for Boxed Water?

My favorite memory (so far) is representing Boxed Water at Carey Hart’s ”Good Ride Rally” last Fall. He has been a huge supporter of Boxed Water and we were proud to sponsor his event. My husband and I were even able to join Carey and 100 veterans on a motorcycle ride through Columbus, OH. It was inspiring, rewarding and a lot of fun!

I understand Greta Thunberg is your idol, tell me why?

Because she’s young and fearless! She represents the next generation of strong women who are making sure their voices are heard. She’s a shining example of how one small change can lead to a big impact or even a global movement!

What brands inspire you?

Free People is a huge inspiration to me! Not only do they have great style, they also believe in a sustainable lifestyle and exude those values throughout their brand, like the free reusable grocery bag that comes with your purchase. I like brands who make me look good and feel good!

What is your favorite eco-friendly accessory other than Boxed Water?

Oh that’s easy, metal straws! A lifesaver for smoothies, coffee and drinking Boxed Water when you don’t want to smudge your lipstick!


Why do you love about working for Boxed Water?

One of my accounts is Amazon, and I’m super proud of how we’ve been able to bring our sustainable alternative to plastic, and in turn our mission, to such a massive audience. I also love that we are combining social media, traditional business and non-profit in a completely unique way, like planting a tree for every social post with #BetterPlanet!

Is there a woman you look up and why?

Oh yes, ELLEN! She risked her career to be her authentic self and inspired countless people to follow their hearts and be true to themselves. She has also made it cool to be kind and ensures that kindness is a hallmark of her brand and her actions! She has made kindness an integral part of our social conscience.

What is your favorite Ellen quote?

“I think beauty comes from actually knowing who you are. That’s real beauty to me.”
- Ellen

What brands inspire you?

Nisolo Footwear – not only do I love their designs, but they are also a small company in a totally different industry who is committed to making a difference – they share the BW mindset and values!


What do you love about working for Boxed Water?

I love being inspired by all the powerful women whom I have the luxury of partnering with! I love traveling and hearing stories from the brands we work with and helping them make a sustainable difference in their business. That exposure is shaping me both professionally and personally! I have seen first-hand how a small initiative can make a big impact!

They inspire me every day! I get to travel to NYC and learn from some of the leading women in business, it’s inspiring to hear their visions and even more exciting to partner with them at Boxed Water to bring support the missions.

Oprah is a woman you look up to, why?

Even though I didn’t grow up with her – I love that she’s trying to help other women and she is as relevant to me as she was to my mom 20 years ago. Now we both rely on her for ‘therapy’! She’s managed to take all her life experiences and translate that into empowering inspiration for all women. She’s also about doing good for the planet – she has partnered with Boxed Water to provide sustainable options in all her offices! She’s all about making yourself and the planet better! What’s not to look up to?

Do you have a favorite Oprah quote?

”Only surround yourself with people who are going to lift you higher!”
- Oprah

What Instagram accounts inspire you?

@theskimm, I love the intelligence, insight and news from a woman’s point of view!

Whatever you do today, make sure you raise a glass ( or a BOX ) and toast the women in your life! Special shout out to all the women of Boxed Water – you make our sisterhood of sustainability possible! And to all women of the world….you go girls! We see you, we hear you, we love you! 


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