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Gen Z consumers want sustainable products

Apr 02, 2020
Austin Langlois
Contributing Author
Austin Langlois
Contributing Author

Move over, Millennials - there’s a new generation in town.

To date, there has been much research conducted on millennial purchasing behaviors. Born between 1981 and 1996, Millennials makeup about 22% of the population, according to Statista, and are about 30% of total retail sales; this generation was the first that marked a change in consumer purchasing. A 2015 Nielson survey found that nearly 75% of millennials globally are willing to pay extra for sustainable products. And new research has shown that the next generation, Gen Z, thinks similarly in regards to the environment and sustainable products.

Generally born between 1997 and 2012, the eldest of Gen Z are now entering the workforce en-mass, and just starting to flex their buying power. And, based on Statista research, it’s the largest generation in the U.S. (28% of the population).

A study conducted by First Insight in December 2019 found that 62 percent of Gen Z prefer to buy from sustainable brands. And 10 percent are willing to pay a premium price for sustainable items. 

Opting for sustainable business practices and materials isn’t just a nice to have - it’s a requirement. Younger customers today care about where companies are sourcing ingredients and components, and how products are packaged and shipped.

As we’ve also seen, the younger generations have pushed companies to eliminate wasteful packaging and single-use plastic.

That’s where we come in. We’ve heard from our customers that they love having a more sustainable option for portable water. From festivals to conferences, hotels to grocery stores, they’ve chosen Boxed Water over plastic water bottles -- especially to offer a more eco-conscious option to their sustainably-minded consumers. 

Not only is Boxed Water 100% recyclable, our cartons are made from 74% paper -- which is sourced from well-managed forests. And with our new plant-based bioplastic cap, our product is now made from 94% renewable resources.

We also take great care to reduce our carbon footprint end-to-end, from carton manufacturing to filling to logistics. For example, our cartons are shipped flat to our two filling stations so we can fill more boxes with fewer trucks. Our 100% pure water is sourced from municipal water supplies so that we aren’t drilling our own wells.

Forget plastic water bottles - Boxed Water is just better.

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