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Five Ways to Plan an Eco-Friendly Wedding

Jun 26, 2018
Austin Langlois
Contributing Author
Austin Langlois
Contributing Author

So, you’re planning a wedding … congratulations!

We understand how stressful this process has become, especially now that a global pandemic has caused so many couples to reschedule their big day! Planning a wedding is time-consuming as it is, so we're extra grateful when we hear of brides and grooms looking for ways to make their wedding day a little more eco-friendly!

After all, small acts can make a big impact on our planet. And, our planet gives us so much, especially when it comes to scenic wedding backdrops and outdoor venues. One of the best ways to make your wedding day stand out is by providing an eco-friendly and earth-first experience. You may not have thought about it from this perspective before, but in one day, weddings and all the activities surrounding them can generate an enormous amount of waste, especially if you’re relying on plastic silverware, straws and plastic water bottles. But weddings don't have to be wasteful or harmful to our planet.

Here are five ways you can make your wedding more sustainable and eco-friendly:

1. Send e-invites or use recycled paper for invitations

Sending out 90 save the dates and then another 90 wedding invitations can put a serious strain on the planet, especially if you’re using cards with a plastic cover. Recycled paper - or paper you can plant -  is an excellent option for all your pre-wedding mailings and day-of printed materials (like menus and service programs). Even better, try to send as much as you can electronically to save paper and money (think printing costs, postage, etc.) 

2. Replace plastic utensils with biodegradable utensils

Between the bridal showers, rehearsal dinner, and reception - a lot of utensils and straws are used. Rather than using plasticware, opt for biodegradable forks, knives and spoons. Choose from cutlery made from wood, wheat fiber, sugarcane or other natural sources to keep plastic out of landfills and our oceans. If you’re up for a bigger step, try a plastic-free wedding, which includes avoiding plastic cups, decor, and more. And, once the party is over don’t forget to recycle!

3. Reduce your carbon footprint and go local

Ordering frangipani flowers from Bali will look amazing, but the environmental impact of shipping flowers from across the world is something worth considering. Instead, try to maintain a set mile radius for everything from décor to furniture. Not only is it better for the planet, but it’s also an opportunity to get creative, like upcycling old wine barrels from a local winery for cocktail tables or accenting the tables with fresh flowers from a local farm.

4. Dance by candelight

While beautiful vintage hanging bulbs or a wall of cascading, flickering lights are beautiful they can consume a staggering amount of electricity in one night. Candles are a wonderful replacement for when the sun goes down. The soft, flickering light will also put everyone in a romantic mood – who needs a disco ball when you have hundreds of dancing candles?

5. Offer Boxed Water instead of plastic water bottles

Plastic water bottles are people’s usual go-to at weddings, but as we’ve mentioned before, plastic never goes away, and water bottles are one of the most used plastic items. Instead, we suggest using Boxed Water. If you’re looking for party favors, Designer Lauren Conrad suggests giving Boxed Water in guests’ gift bags in her book Celebrate. And Lilli Kaye showed us how cute it looks as part of the table setting. 

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