Four boxes of Boxed Water on pedestals with pink backdrop

You may have noticed that we offer four sizes of Boxed Water cartons. Ever wonder why? We are committed to making sustainability simple for every occasion: whether you’re running a restaurant or coffee shop, own a fitness center or are hosting an event. Our range of four unique sizes ensures there's an option that suits your requirements. Each carton contains purified water and is made from renewable plant-based materials, minimizing the environmental impact. Keep reading to find the best product for your business and join the movement towards a sustainable future. 


If you want to offer a quick sip of water, but don’t expect your customers to work up a serious thirst, our mini size is an excellent choice. It is a favorite for spas, salons, and events. Whether you offer it as a complimentary gift or a quick grab-and-go option, customers will appreciate its compact size and the instant hydration it provides. Bonus: If you serve families, parents are eager to skip juice and offer the cutest kids water around. Join Plump cosmetics and other customers who choose to carry the 250ML. 



The small, 330ML carton is the perfect size for a quick drink, making it an ideal choice to have on hand in the office, or when you want to sip and savor. Whether it's in the conference room, during a meeting, or simply on your desk for easy access throughout the day, this bottle ensures you will stay hydrated while also being mindful of the environment. Visit Eagle Gate Title and BWE Cafe to see two companies who have integrated the 330ML into their space.  


The classic, best-selling 500ML is the obvious choice for dining and travel. This size stands out in the drink cooler at a restaurant or cafe, or as an eco-friendly option at a hotel for guests to enjoy. It’s the industry standard for a reason, and is now a CarbonNeutral® certified product. Additionally, the fruit flavors available in this size add incremental sales. Don't just take our word for it, Mint House and the Bull and Bean Cafe both use the 500ML to keep their customers happy.  

1 Liter

Perfect for serious hydration and a favorite among fitness studios, the 1 liter bottle is here to accompany you throughout your workout. Its size ensures you have enough water to stay properly hydrated during any physical activity. This size is a must-have at the gym or fitness center to keep your customers happy and motivated. SoulCycle is among our many partners who offer the 1L to their customers. 

To carry Boxed Water at your business or event, apply for our wholesale program and receive special discounts on your orders and access to marketing collateral. We hope you will help us make a statement that sustainability matters.