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Fact or Fiction? Breaking Down the Basics of Alkaline Water

Chemistry beakers filled with water

You may have hoped you could leave the talk about pH behind you in high school chemistry class, but more and more we see the term popping up on our grocery shelves. Today, water with a high pH has become big business. What does it actually mean for you, the water drinker? We’ve brushed up on the science of pH, so you can feel confident in what you’re drinking.

Overall, there is no definitive evidence that water with a higher pH is better for you. Often, bottled water companies market their product as “alkaline water,” claiming a pH level of 8 to 10. For comparison, pure water clocks in at a neutral pH of 7. Companies reach a higher pH level by modifying the water after its been purified or leaving minerals in the water from its source.

“Alkaline water companies make vague claims that it will ‘energize’ and ‘detoxify’ the body and lead to ‘superior hydration,’” reports the New York Times. “But there’s no evidence that drinking water with a higher pH can change the pH of your body, or even that this outcome would provide benefits.” 

In fact, the same article reminds us that your stomach is highly acidic, so if you drink alkaline water, your stomach will neutralize the pH before it enters your blood stream. While it likely won’t hurt you to drink alkaline water, there are other areas where you can focus your energy. 

That’s why, at Boxed Water, we keep our water pure without adjusting the pH or manipulating ingredients. Rather than turning to products that make claims of “superior hydration,” we suggest people drink the recommended amount of water if they’re looking to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Drinking more water to promote health and wellness seems obvious – but the benefits can be great. As WebMD advises, drinking water helps maintain body fluid balance, energizes your muscles and keeps your skin looking great. It also helps flush toxins from your kidneys.

Our 8-step water purification process ensures our water is free from impurities and minerals. Since you get nearly all the minerals your body needs from food, we don’t add anything else. It’s just pure water packaged in a sustainable box. Good for the environment and good for you.

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