Boxed Water's Favorite Watermelon Products

Drinking water and staying cool are essential during the hot summer season, but sometimes plain water doesn’t always elicit the same excitement as a fruity beverage. Boxed Water’s lineup of fruit flavors is the best way to make staying hydrated more fun—our new summer-only watermelon flavor pairs perfectly with your outdoor activities with its crisp and refreshing taste. In the spirit of summer, we found the best sustainable watermelon products to add a touch of magic to your daily activities. 

Burt’s Bees watermelon face mask 

Burt’s Bees hydrating face mask moisturizes your skin and improves its PH, leaving your face soft and hydrated. The sweet watermelon scent and all natural ingredients will revitalize your skin and provide a refreshing addition to your skincare routine. 

RIND dehydrated watermelon Rinds 

Rind Coco-Melon dried fruit features crispy dried coconut and sweet watermelon pieces that are sure to delight your taste buds. The vegan friendly snacks are crafted with wholesome, all natural ingredients and free from artificial additives, allowing you to enjoy a guilt-free summer treat.

Trader Joe’s watermelon fruit spread 

Made with organic watermelon puree, Trader Joe’s Watermelon Fruit Spread is the perfect addition to ice cream, toast, cake, or any other dessert you can imagine! The puree brings a healthy way to enjoy your favorite summertime flavor. Make sure to take advantage of this seasonal delight while it lasts.

 LMNT Watermelon drink mix

Replenish after a sweat-inducing fitness routine with LMNT electrolyte drink mix. Unlike other electrolyte mixes, LMNT avoids harmful chemicals and relies on salt and natural flavors. LMNT’s Watermelon mix is a sweet and delicious way to refuel after a workout or stay hydrated throughout the day. It also pairs wonderfully with Boxed Water! 

Kozy Barn Company Watermelon candle

Described as a “burst of summertime sweetness,” this candle will keep your room smelling amazing for over 70 hours. Kozy Barn Candles are 100% recyclable and are made with natural soy wax, making them a sustainable way to enjoy fresh scents. 

Lesser Evil Watermelon Hibiscus Popcorn 

Watermelon Hibiscus popcorn brings a sweet tropical twist to popcorn you didn’t know you needed. Lesser Evil uses organic ingredients and sustainable packaging to stay environmentally focused while offering various unique and exciting flavors. 

Watermelon Boxed Water

Elevate your water intake with the subtle but refreshing flavor of Watermelon Boxed Water. Like our other fruit flavors, this flavor contains natural ingredients without sugar or artificial sweeteners. Whether you're going for a run or relaxing at the beach, Watermelon Boxed Water is the eco-friendly and fun way to cool off during all your summer activities.

Don’t forget to tag us on social media (@BoxedWater) and let us know which flavor is your favorite! Better yet, post a picture using the hashtag #BetterPlanet, and we’ll plant two trees in a National Forest on your behalf. We’ve planted over one million trees and are working on our next million.

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