12 Monthly Ways to Make Office Sustainability Fun after COVID

No matter what your office looks like, there are several ways to make your work environment a little more eco-friendly. Sustainability within the workplace is not only better for our planet, but going green can also be a great way to engage employees and foster community. 

At Boxed Water, we are always finding new ways to encourage sustainable living. Green challenges at the office can help make sustainability more visible, actionable and most of all fun!  Along with our “No Plastic Pledge” we have listed monthly challenges for you and your office, to keep your year filled with sustainable initiatives. 

#1 Plastic Pledge

91% of all plastic water bottles don't get recycled, ending up in landfills and oceans across the globe. Encourage employees to take the 30 day plastic pledge and join the movement against plastic bottle consumption. 

#2 Waste walks

Get your steps in while cleaning your community! Challenge employees to get out once a week for a walk and pick up waste around the community. Create competitions and see who can gather the most waste! 

#3 Promote sustainable, local food

Most people do not realize that what we eat has a big impact on the environment. Raise awareness by encouraging a “meatless Monday”, promote Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) and local farmers, give employees seedlings or plant herbs and a small garden at the office if it’s accessible!  Do not buy imported bottled water; it is the worst for the environment. 

#4 Change up transit

Switch up your transportation to work this month. Use public transportation, carpool, bike, walk, or run to the office.

#5 Buy eco friendly, responsibly sourced coffee

This ones for all you coffee lovers! Coffee is the second most tradeable commodity after oil. Have each employee bring in responsibly sourced, local coffee and all decide which one is the winner!

#6 Make your office more green, literally

Plants create oxygen, absorb CO2, and are a great addition to office decor. Bring plants in the office to boost morale and productivity or have employees bring in their favorite plant and do a plant exchange. On business trips,  sure you stay at hotels practicing green initiatives.

#7 Ditch the disposables 

Fill the kitchen with reusable dishes and silverware and pack lunch ahead of time! That means bring your reusable containers for take-out and reusable mugs for that to-go coffee too!

#8 Take the stairs instead of the elevator

Reduce energy and get those muscle gains! This could even turn into your lunchtime free workout and become a friendly competition between workers to see who can get in the most steps per week. 

#9 Unplug it

Did you know that when still plugged in, devices still use what’s called phantom energy? Unplugging devices can result in reducing your energy bill and also reducing carbon emissions! Encourage employees to unplug things before leaving the office. 

#10 Get creative with an upcycling

Engage and encourage employees to get creative and upcycle something! Employees can proudly share their projects and ideas. Find some genius examples here

#11 See how many single-use areas you can eliminate in your home

Challenge employees to see who can make the most changes at home! Ditch the plastic wrap and small plastic bags. Purchase a reusable garment bag and get silicone, reusable straws. You can find other great ideas here

#12 Reduce printing

Split the office into teams and give each team the same amount of printing paper. At the end of the month, see which team has the most paper left to determine the winner!

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