Boxed Water Is Better

Part sustainable water company, part art project, part philanthropic project, and completely curious.


We started with the simple idea of creating a packaged water brand that is kinder to the environment and gives back.

We found that it shouldn’t be bottled at all but instead, boxed.

So we looked to the past for inspiration and decided to keep things simple, sustainable, and beautiful.

Environment & Giving

The Boxed Water container is far more sustainable than plastic bottled water. About 76% of the box is from a renewable
resource, trees.

The trees used to make our box come from certified, well managed forests. These forests remain healthy and stable through ongoing replanting while removing CO2 from
the atmosphere.

Our boxes are recyclable. The Carton Council is continuously adding new carton recycling facilities throughout the US. Please visit their site to learn more.

We ship our boxes flat to our filler which is significantly more efficient compared to shipping empty plastic or glass bottles to
be filled.

We've partnered with 1% For The Planet to help with world water relief, reforestation, and environmental protection projects to help enable a positive impact on humanitarian and environmental efforts. Learn more here


First off, why 'Boxed Water'?

We feel that sustainability and giving back is important. We wanted to start a new water company that has sustainable packaging, gives back to foundations that we feel are important, and has a lower carbon footprint than today's traditional bottled water.

When is Boxed Water going to be available in my area?

Thanks for your interest! We're currently working on US and international distribution that will allow us to be in a number of both small and large retailers in all areas. Please stay tuned to our Where to Find Us section.

How long has Boxed Water been around?

Boxed Water was publicly launched on Friday, March 13th, 2009 at our favorite place to grab lunch, the Grand Central Market in downtown Grand Rapids. The idea of Boxed Water was born in April of 2008.

What about tap water and refillable water containers? Aren't they better?

We use reverse osmosis then carbon filtered purified drinking water from the municipal source at the location of our filling plant. As we grow, our goal is to ship our filled product the shortest distance possible by establishing multiple filling locations near our major metros.

Where is Boxed Water from?

Boxed Water Is Better, LLC is a Grand Rapids, Michigan based company (we love it here).

I see that you're part philanthropic project, where does the money go to?

As part of our partnership with 1% For The Planet, we've committed to donate 1% of annual revenue to world water relief, reforestation, and environmental protection projects. Please stay tuned to our site as we'll be sharing our 2014 recipients shortly.

Did you know tap water is better for the earth when compared to your packaged water?

Yes. Our goal has two parts: First, create a product for a growing market (bottled water) that lessens the environmental impact and gives back a bit - which simply makes us 'better' as we say, and a step in the right direction. Second, Boxed Water Is Better is an ever growing and adapting project. R&D is core to everything we do and we've committed to constantly exploring new technology to lessen the impact of the portable water market while always giving back.

Curious, why do you offer to sell your product online?

Good question. Our long term goal is to be available in stores across the nation allowing easy access for our customers. In the meantime, we get a lot of emails from people who would like to purchase our product in areas we're not yet available in. Allowing online ordering helps customers get our product quickly and spread the message in new areas we want to grow into. Win, win.

Does Boxed Water sponsor parties, events, artists, athletes, etc?

As a general rule, we do not sponsor parties, events, artists, athletes, etc in the traditional sense of financial support. We occasionally donate product to events we find interesting and mutually beneficial for both parties involved. We are still a small company so we do this sparingly. Contact us to learn more.

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Where can I find Boxed Water?

Boxed Water is available in over 6,000 stores in the U.S. and we're growing distribution in Canada and Mexico. We’re adding stores so quickly its challenging to keep an up-to-date list here on the site...good problem to have! Please contact one of the distributors below to find the store closest to you or shoot us an email.

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