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Boxed Water has a 64% lower carbon footprint (that's lower global warming!) compared to plastic bottles.

1 Million

We've planted nearly 1 million trees in national forests. Post with @boxedwater and #betterplanet and we'll plant 2 trees for you.


Events are a little more special when you offer the most "instagrammable" packaged water.

Save The

One person (that's YOU!) can stop hundreds of plastic bottles from polluting our planet.

You Post. We Plant

Post with #betterplanet & @boxedwater.
We'll plant 2 trees for you.

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Are Boxed Water cartons recyclable?
Our boxes are made of 100% recyclable materials. The majority of people in the US have curbside pickup for our boxes (plus juice boxes, milk cartons) and the rest have access through drop-off centers and mail-in programs. Please visit to learn more about box recycling in your area and how you can be a part of the carton recycling movement.
When will I receive my order?
You can expect your delivery in 3-5 business days. If you need water in time for a certain event, let us know and we’ll try to help as best as we can. You can email
Can I update my account or change my subscription preferences?
Absolutely! In order to make changes to your Boxed Water subscription, such as edit your delivery schedule or change your shipping address or billing information, you'll need to create a login account with us on Select the small blue link at the bottom of the page that says "Create an account."

More questions? Check our full FAQ list.

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