Our Pledge Against Plastic Bottles

Fast Company described 2018 as "the year the world finally started to wake up to the dangers of plastic." Google search trends in 2018 for "plastic pollution" were up 225% from the year prior. Cities and corporations across the globe announced bans on plastic straws and bags.

The world is finally recognizing its plastic habits can’t continue. Each decision you make matters - at the grocery store, at the gym, or on the road. More people than ever are grabbing plastic water bottles (it’s an $18.5 BILLION dollar industry that continues to grow). Some of the biggest beverage companies don’t even agree that consumers care about plastic waste. We think you do. And together, we can make a difference for our planet.

8.8 Million tons of plastic enters our oceans

Last year, corporations and entire cities rallied against plastic straws. The next step is to tackle something bigger - the equivalent of about 48 plastic straws - plastic bottles.

Since its start, Boxed Water was a bit ahead of its time – the first national company to offer a sustainable alternative to plastic water bottles. Even now, the first question most people ask us is, “Why is Boxed Water better?”

Is the water pure and responsibly sourced? Yes! Are we a company that wants to do more than just make a product? You bet - we give back by planting trees (nearly 800,000) through the National Forest Foundation and cleaning beaches across the country. But how can you enjoy your favorite beach or forest when our planet is polluted with plastic? We will continue giving back but believe rather than just cleaning up, let's start at the source.

1,500 plastic bottles are sent to landfills every second. By the time you finish this article, there will be about 180,000 more bottles polluting our planet. Our goal is to make a difference, stop using plastic bottles, and encourage our friends and partners to do the same. Now more than ever, we’re taking a stand against plastic water bottles. Will you join us?

James Barnett Boxed Water

It doesn’t have to be hard to make a change. In fact, we believe small, simple choices make a big impact. To start, we’re kicking plastic bottles to the curb. And over the next few months, we’ll give more ways for you to join the movement. We’ll share ways to spread the word, stories celebrating people like you, and some gifts in the process.

Let’s do this together.


CEO at Boxed Water


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