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2020 Eco-Friendly Holiday Gift Guide

Dec 16, 2020
Kelsey Pence
Contributing Author
Kelsey Pence
Contributing Author
The holiday season is a perfect time to give a gentle reminder to those you care about to incorporate sustainability into their everyday lives. It’s also a time to support businesses that are giving back to our planet. As we start to think about goals we want to accomplish in the coming year, we can also think about better choices and new ways to protect our environment. We’ve rounded up 10 eco-friendly gift ideas to cover anyone on your list this year.

Gift Card For An Eco-Friendly Restaurant

The restaurant industry took a big hit in 2020. The holidays are a perfect time to support local eateries that are implementing sustainable practices. From ditching plastic, to using sustainable ingredients, to reducing food waste, there are restaurants across the U.S., in cities big and small that are going out of their way to put the earth first. Need help finding a place? Check out this awesome and extensive list “Best Eco-Friendly Restaurants in America” from OpenTable.

A Gift That Grows from Bloomscape

When you gift a plant, you’re giving someone the gift of connecting with nature, indoors. Better yet, have them name their plant and submit the name on our site and Boxed Water we’ll plant two trees in a National Forest. Plants make great gifts because they aren’t a gift that’s easily duplicated and they show that you care about the recipient's overall health! 

Eco-Friendly Starter Kit from Boxed Water

There are so many ways you can care for the planet from home. We rounded up some of our favorite alternatives to plastic single-use products to get you started on your own sustainability journey!

Your starter kit includes a Boxed Water™ t-shirt, a repurposed carton notebook, a reusable wheat straw with case and cleaning brush, beeswax wrap for food storage and a reusable canvas tote! Order here. 

Nécessaire x Heretic Parfum Set

Looking to gift someone a bundle of pampered fun? Look no further than Nécessaire’s Heretic Parfum Set. This self care set includes Nécessaire body wash, lotion and a full-size Heretic perfume candle. Don’t wait too long, this gift set is a limited edition and won’t last long. You’ll feel good knowing Nécessaire uses 85% post-consumer waste boxes and 100% recyclable paper for boxes and shipping and they only work with FSC-certified vendors. No virgin forest materials are ever used!

Socks That Protect Our Planet from Conscious Step

Conscious Step’s sustainably sourced socks are made with organic, Fairtrade Certified cotton. Better yet - every purchase supports a specific nonprofit organization. You can buy socks that support sharks, socks that fight for equality, socks that save dogs, and even socks that build homes. We highly recommend the protect-the-planet combo pack, socks that help plant trees and protect oceans and rainforests.

Cork Yoga Mat from Pureful or Yoloha

Did you know that cork trees are the only trees in the world that can regrow their bark after it’s been stripped away and harvested? Not a single tree has to be cut down to harvest cork - it’s stripped away from the live trees with no harm done to the environment. The antimicrobial properties in a cork yoga mat help to repel mold, which means it’s practically self-cleaning and doesn’t ever smell. Best of all, it stays non-slip during the sweatiest of yoga practices, so you don’t have to sacrifice grip or support, making this a great gift for the yogi in your life. Pureful Yoga makes a biodegradable mat and donates 3% of all profits to environmental causes and forest preservation efforts. Yoloha also makes cork yoga mats with some pretty impressive designs.

Hydrating Hand Sanitizer from Curiebod

Hand sanitizer that hydrates couldn’t have come at a better time. Curiebod’s hydrating hand sanitizer meets FDA guidelines and is made with only clean ingredients. And it smells great, too! Hyaluronic acid, prickly pear seed oil, and glycerin help restore your skin’s moisture, improve elasticity, and make your hands feel soft and smooth. Bonus: The packaging is 100% recyclable! Another great stocking stuffer!

Boxed Relax from Youtheory

Wellness starts with good hydration and emotional happiness. It's important to be able to destress and calm your mind regularly. Youtheory’s Relax Instant-mix is the perfect addition to your daily hydration routine and the perfect gift for someone looking to up their wellness routine in 2021. The magnesium powder is a flavorful way to supplement your magnesium needs, while offering a unique blend of powerful anti-stress nutrients.

Organic Crewneck Sweatshirt from Mate

Here’s a clothing brand that considers the full life-cycle of its products! MATE uses non-toxic, natural and certified organic materials that are easy on your skin and the environment. When you purchase from MATE, you are supporting a healthier and cleaner eco-system! Check out this cozy crewneck, just in time for the long winter ahead!

100% Recycled Toilet Paper from Who Gives A Crap

If there’s ever a year to pull off a gag gift, 2020 might be it. The year saw not one but two toilet paper demand surges. Who Gives A Crap is selling toilet paper that is as, “soft as unicorn kisses and as strong as 1000 ponies.” The toilet paper is made with 100% recycled paper and without inks, dyes and scents. The organization also donated 50% of profits to help build toilets for those in need.

Have an awesome eco-friendly product you’d recommend and add to this list? Tag us on social media and tell us what your favorite sustainable brands and products are!

24 Pack
24 Pack
24 Pack
24 Pack